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City Crosswalk

Problems We Help You Solve

Our neighborhoods, cities, and counties can be sites of great abundance—places where residents can pursue shared values of maintaining healthy and safe spaces. And yet what should we do when what we value conflicts with what our neighbors value? Such conflicts are to be expected, and are a normal part of a thriving community. Approaching municipal disagreements and decision-making with careful and equitable methods enhances connections to our neighbors by developing lasting decisions that reflect shared goals. 

Public Judgments

Capital projects; transportation, planning, equitable design, and general public works decision-making

Public Engagement

Community-based dialogues, virtual and in-person; diverse stakeholder groups; deliberative processes

Tough Choices

Neighborhood disagreements; low-trust contexts; complex issues like houselessness or zoning

Teaching and Learning

Workshops on listening, non-aggressive communication, and shared goals; designing for inclusivity and diversity 

Our Services.

  • Issue analysis and framing

  • Stakeholder connection and recruitment

  • Facilitation, both large and small groups

  • Project management

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion planning 

  • Specialized advisory consulting

  • Data and reporting

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Jeff Shaffer, Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation

Without the Phronesis Network, we would not have been able to bring business leaders, citizens, non-profits, and civic leaders together to address the homelessness crisis.

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