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Here's a snapshot of some recent projects and work samples connected to each.

Red Rock Creek Trail Alignment Project

We worked with the City of Tigard to provide the public engagement services for a trail alignment study through the Red Rock Creek watershed. The proposed two-mile-long Red Rock Creek Trail (RRCT) needed to balance the opportunities of connecting existing trails and providing active transportation options along with the Red Rock Creek Stormwater Master plan and concerns of local businesses and residents. Our engagement design centered around Metro's equitable trails study, targeted listening sessions with residents of local low-income housing units, and a multi-sector consensus-based body of key partners.

View the public engagement plan.

View the final engagement report.


Landfill Management

We collaborated with the County of Santa Barbara to determine what the public wanted to do about running out of space in the Tajiguas Landfill. Our consensus-based, community-centered approach included partnering with key public and private stakeholders, focus groups, and a community conversation that ended with action steps.  

View the report, including the issue guide.

Garbage Factory

Homelessness and Housing

This was a two-year project that worked to find a resolution for municipal leaders, local social service agencies, and neighbors on Santa Barbara's Eastside about rising homelessness in the area. As tensions were especially high, we launched this project with a series of listening sessions that ultimately led to a summit. The result was the Eastside Regional Action Plan, which reduced homelessness and increased creative outreach and housing solutions. Part of the strategy was to conduct a series of video interviews that collected a wider range of feedback.

View the summit overview.

View the Journal of Dialogue Studies article about the project.

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