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Problems We Help You Solve

Colleges and universities share many similar values, but this doesn't make them immune from conflict. Disagreement is inevitable on a college campus, but when ignored, conflict can become dangerous. Approaching challenges with careful and healthy processes enhances student learning, reinforces campus community, and ensures that institutions will survive for generations to come. 

Institutional Stalemates

Conflicts in curriculum between faculty and the administration; oversight of communication; strategic planning; capital projects; navigating probationary accreditation status

Value Judgments

Campus security policies; disagreements about campus-based documents; regional and conditional use permits between colleges and the community

Emotionally Charged Issues

Diversity, equity, inclusion policies and practices; campus conflicts over race, gender, sexuality, and politics; "town and gown" mistrust; contentious issues like immigration or gun control

Teaching and Learning

Equipping faculty to foster healthy conflicts in their classrooms; values-based teaching and course design; community-engaged learning projects

Our Services.

  • Issue analysis and framing

  • Stakeholder connection and recruitment

  • Facilitation, both large and small groups

  • Project management

  • Pedagogical design and training 

  • Specialized advisory consulting

  • Data and reporting

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Student Facilitator

There is power in dialogue, and the more we can access that power, the stronger our communities will be.

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