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Church Interior

Problems We Help You Solve

Faith communities share many similar values, but this doesn't make them immune from conflict. Disagreement is inevitable in our temples, churches, synagogues, and mosques. And yet, when conflict is ignored, it can undermine unity and collective purpose. Approaching challenges with careful and healthy processes enhances congregational decision-making, reinforces church communities, and ensures that institutions will survive for generations to come. 

Institutional Stalemates

Denominational, organizational, or administrative conflicts among clergy, or between clergy and laity; oversight of communication; strategic planning; capital projects

Value Judgments

Congregational policies and procedures; disagreements about guiding documents or mission; leadership team dynamics

Emotionally Charged Issues

Diversity, equity, inclusion policies and practices; congregational conflicts over race, gender, sexuality, and politics;  contentious issues between churches and neighbors

Teaching and Learning

Equipping clergy and leadership teams to foster healthy conflicts in their congregations; training in listening, transparency, and accountability

Our Services.

  • Issue analysis and framing

  • Stakeholder connection and recruitment

  • Facilitation, both large and small groups

  • Project management

  • Congregational workshops and training

  • Specialized advisory consulting

  • Data and reporting

College Students


Church Participant

Public meeting with slideshow

Last night’s gathering was such a gift. To walk into a beautiful room filled with such a diverse group of faith leaders who engaged in thoughtful conversation was so encouraging. Our facilitator was skilled and gracious. We came to appreciate each of our church family members more. 

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